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THE SEQUEL: Liberator



Extract 1

Extract 2

  I've just put up two extracts from the first draft of the sequel! There's still a lot of editing done (think of these as collector's items!) If you want to see how Chapter 1 kicks off, or what happens when the Imperialist juggernauts try to take revenge on the world's only liberated, revolutionary juggernaut, check out Extract 1 and Extract 2 in the left-side column.

If you've read Worldshaker, you'll know that, when the revolution happens at the end, the Filthies plan to change the juggernaut's name. Riff likes the sound of 'Liberator' and, yes, that's they name they choose - so the sequel is called Liberator.

How much to give away? Spoiler alert! At the end of Worldshaker, the Filthies plan to change the juggernaut's name and Riff likes the sound of 'Liberator', so that's what the newly liberated juggernaut is called. But now, three months further on, the Filthies' revolution is moving into a new phase, more violent and extreme. Col and other Upper Decks people who have stayed to help on the juggernaut are viewed with suspicion and hostility. It's partly because of the mysterious acts of sabotage that keep happening, and it's also because the Imperialists are massing against them. When Liberator calls in at the coaling station of Botany Bay, that starts a confrontation which eventually involves the Russian, Austrian, French and Turkish juggernauts. In the Revolutionary Council, moderate voices are drowned out and extremists take over. War is approaching!

I'd better shut up before I start revealing who the saboteur really is! I'll just say that most of the characters from Worldshaker reappear in Liberator: not only Col and Riff, of course, but Gillabeth, baby Antrobus, Quinnea, Orris, Septimus, Professor Twillip, Mr Gibber … they're all back, as weird and wonderful as ever. (I've really enjoyed watching them all grow and develop more sides to their personalities.)




Is this Riff? >>

Probably not, but pretty cool anyway!

(courtesy of John Parker courtesy of Jake Von Slatt)





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